Welcome to the EventsPass Changelog.

The changelog is a record past of improvements, bug fixes, and other changes to the EventsPass platform and apps. If you would like to report an issue please contact our team here.

EventsPass Portal – Changelog

  • Event Organizers will only have the option to edit the registration form without setting it as inactive. With the recent addition of deleting form fields, setting the registration form inactive is no longer needed, and it has been removed.
  • We have added four new report extracts to the Ticket Sales > Actions Menu:
    • Added new Settlement Extract, containing data specific to payment gateway details.
    • Added new Ticket Options Details Extract containing data specific to Ticket Options ordered.
    • Added new Transaction Details Extract containing data of all transactions.
    • Added new Transaction Summary Extract containing key details of all transactions.
  • QuickCart URL and QR Code will now be generated at the time of creating a new individual ticket.
  • The Start New Import Button has been moved to the top of the page instead of the bottom, so that it’s accessible without scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page.
  • The invoice for LeadGen purchases will now be attached to the “Your LeadGen package is now active” email sent to Exhibitors upon purchasing a package.
  • ‘CAC URL’ for Approved attendees and ‘Order Status’ is now available in the ‘Verification Links Extract’
  • For badge printing using the CheckIn app, event Organizers can now map up to seven custom questions of type ‘Single Line Text ‘, ‘Single Select Dropdown’ and ‘Radio Button’ from the Registration Form (previously the maximum was two fields, using only single line text fields)
  • Event Organizers will be able to allow the attendees to order tickets using the ‘QuickCart’ URL if enabled for an event. 1 ticket (individual ticket type) will be automatically added to the cart and the user will land on the options selection/registration page on the checkout flow.
  • The ticket ‘Vetting’ functionality has now been labeled within the platform to better distinguish the functionality from the ‘Verification’ functionality


Bug Fixes
  • Ticket Vetting: Multiple ‘Processed’ files were being generated in Dropbox if the vetting outcome is not an exact match with ‘Approved’ or ‘Rejected’, the vetting automation will now skip the record and show it again as ‘Pending’ in the new file.
  • Resolved the issue with ‘display rules’ on registration & verification forms where the display rule was not cleared if the answer for the parent questions was changed.
  • Defect fix: Fixed the issue with mobile number length during checkout where closing the error message for an invalid message was not highlighting the field.
  • Event Organizers (EO) are now able to delete Badge Templates from “Design”. If the deleted badge template is linked with Ticket Type(s), it will be unlinked and the Ticket will be printed using the Template selected in CheckIn App. If no other Badge Template exists, Badge Printing will fail.
  • Added instructions/help text for Event Organizers on the ‘Badge Template’ modal and ‘Badge Print Configuration’ section on the Ticket Type details to setup Badge Printing.


Bug Fixes
  • Defect Fix: ‘Location Type’ stays the same while adding multiple scanning locations.
  • Several other bug fixes
  • Event organizers can now configure whether an existing registration question is shown or hidden
  • Updated the Scan Mode names on the ‘Device Activity’ & ‘View Attendees’ screen for clarity
  • Updated the ‘Scan Mode Description’ in the ‘All Scans’ report for clarity
  • When importing exhibitors, event organizers can now configure the ‘default limit’ for the associated tickets/credentials (where a quantity is not specified for an exhibitor being imported):

~ Limit Access Enabled: If the ‘Quantity for Ticket Type’ is left empty in the CSV file, the Exhibitors will not have the ability to order that ticket/credential type

~ Limit Access Disabled: If the ‘Quantity for Ticket Type’ is left empty in the CSV file, the Exhibitors will be able to order unlimited quantities of that ticket/credential type

  • When updating the custom fields on a ticket for badge printing, the badge will now update the across the board, and will now be immediately reflected in the checkin app for printing, after a complete refresh or restart of the app.
  • Event organizer accounts will be able to show/hide the fields on the “Verification Form” from the “field setting” option. Attendees will not be able to view and enter details for the fields set as “hidden” on the Verification Form.
  • Updates to UI, logic, and text for the the Attendee Upload process.
  • Event organizer accounts can now update the Promo Code instructional text via the ‘Manage Event → More Information’ menu. This instructional text appears on the modal where the customer types in their promo code.


Bug Fixes
  • Minor cosmetic adjustments.
  • Updated the text of the Password Reset Tool, to avoid confusion with changing passwords.
  • When using Ticket Options, organizers are now able to view the amount of applicable taxes within the pricing structure of the Ticket Option.
  • If a pin has expired, new UI text will help them obtain a fresh pin for account creation. This mostly affects Vendors where an account has been created for them and they need to set their password for the first time.

  • LiveChat will now be enabled by default for all logged-in LeadGen app users, enabling faster customer support pre-show and on show days.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where you would need to type in the phone number before selecting the area code. You may now select the area code before adding in the phone number.
  • Fixed an issue where LeadGen users were unable to remove custom questions, even if they haven’t scanned any tickets yet.
New Features and Improvements
  • Event Organizers will now be able to disable attendee import emails from going to one ‘master’ email address, instead of typing in a fake email address to avoid spam.
  • Imported Exhibitors who also attend shows as an attendee will now be able to view both the customer portal, as well as their exhibitor portal if they have created an attendee eventspass account.

  • The verification approval link that allows customers to continue to the event Buy Page has been updated from a small link at the bottom to a large blue button at the top of the approval email, to make purchasing a ticket abundantly clear.

  • Changed the name of the “Promotional Channels” button to “Marketing Channels.” under the Manage tab of quick actions to differentiate it from “Promo Codes.” Marketing Channels is still functionally identical, and allows organizers to create special links to identify different ways customers navigate to the buy page.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where Event Organizers importing themselves as an attendee would have their account type switched from Organizer to Attendee and lose some privileges.
New Features and Improvements
  • Red color changed to Orange on unregistered tickets.

  • Added Auto-Approval to verification.
  • Verification Request with no longer send an “Your Request has been Submitted” email if the request was approved with auto-approval.
  • Removed “Need a code?” button from purchasing page if customer access code is applied, hiding the code from the customer view.
  • Enabled the ability to customize the “Verification Submitted / Thank you” messaging in the Verification Submission Email.

  • [Verification] Added new “mobile number” column in the Verification Request Link Export.
  • [Verification] Added verification custom answers as columns to the verification export.
  • Added “Location Type” column in the device scan report. You can now separate reports based on scan type. i.e. Parking, Credentialing, Entrances.
  • Scan Time in reporting is now set to reflect the local time of the show.

Buy Page
  • [Ticket Options] Added setting to Ticket Options buy page in event build.  Event Organizers can now choose how options are first presented to the buyer.
    • Expand all: All ticket options are expanded, and the buyer can see all of them by default.
    • Collapse all: All ticket options are collapsed into an accordion. Users may click the accordion to show the options available to buy.
    • Expand First: Expands only the first Ticket Options, and collapses the rest. Users may click the accordion to show the options available to buy.
  • The “Choose Your Ticket” display text is now customizable. This modal displays when users are required to register only one ticket for checkout.

  • When importing an exhibitor, if an exhibitor already has an attendee account, the import will skip over the account instead of throwing an error.
  • Added event “short-name” for use in SMS messaging where long names could make text messages hard to read.
  • You may now search partially by Transaction ID, instead of needing to type the whole ID (up to the first 8 characters) in the search field.
  • Changed the Postal Code, Country Code, and Mobile Number in various parts of the system to Zip code, Country Dialing Code, Cell Phone.
  • Added Snöball integration.

Bug Fixes
  • Apple Wallet Passes will no-longer expire after the first day of the show.
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases no SMS was received after sharing the ticket via ticket purchasing.
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases, you could submit a verification request without including required documents.
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases, navigating to Verification Form > Manage Auto Approval would cause an “Unexpected Error.”
  • Fixed a bug where when using “shareby,” then viewing items in browser, duplicate tickets would display.
  • Fixed a bug where some users were not able to update their credentials information from their vendor portal.
  • Fixed a bug where new Event Organizer accounts would not receive a welcome email.
  • Fixed an issue where Vendor Imports could fail without an error or warning.
  • Fixed an issue where using a promo-code on a ticket with tax disabled could cause the ticket to be taxed again.
  • Fixed several issues with Vendor Imports.
    • Missing company information when importing.
    • Total number of vendors to import displayed incorrectly.
    • Vendor import status would not automatically change for hours.
    • Issues with re-uploading cvs files, not correctly changing in import.
  • Fixed an issue where viewing LeadGen invoice would display broken image link.
  • Fixed issues with google pass unable to be added to android devices.
  • Fixed an issue where attendee import could fail with valid data.
  • Fixed an issue where if an attendee scanned an unregistered ticket on their phone, a blank screen would display, instead of allowing them to register and view their ticket.
  • Fixed an issue with EventsPass where not adding WWW in the url could cause some issues while using the platform. Now you can just enter eventspass.com and the system will handle the rest.

As EventsPass adds more comprehensive patches to the platform, you will be able to view past changes here. Current updates from the latest patch will always be at the top of this page.

EventsPass CheckIn App – Changelog

CheckIn App
  • All badge templates are now available for each ticket type, regardless if they have Ticket Options or not.
  • Event Organizers can now print up to seven custom fields on Badge Designs, which drastically increases the number of creative options design layouts.
  • Badge designs can now use Single Select Drop Down fields, and Radio Buttons from registration data, in addition to the Single Line text field.
  • Any changes made to badge designs, and mapping will now be reflected immediately in the app, after an “Update Configuration.”
  • Save Registration and Print Badge’ options on the Registration screen will no longer display if:- Badge printing is not enabled in the Printer Settings
    – Badge printing is disabled for Ticket Type
  • New hidden questions or fields from registration will not be displayed when viewing the registration details of a ticket/credential.


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where in some cases, CheckIn would crash while printing in Offline Mode.
  • Fixed an issue where Tickets registered and printed in Kiosk Mode were not printing the mapped Custom Fields as per the Badge Design.

As EventsPass adds more comprehensive patches to the platform, you will be able to view past changes here. Current updates from the latest patch will always be at the top of this page.