Check-in & Registration at Dog Lover’s Show Melbourne

Integrated Apps Delivering Better Customer Experiences & ROI

The Dog Lover’s Show Melbourne used the EventsPass platform for online ticket sales, box office tickets, access control, and exhibitor lead generation, and with 30,000+ visitors across 3 days, we knew speed and efficiency were required.

The EventsPass CheckIn app is archictected in a way so that online or offline it can read and check-in customers tickets in under a second, clearing the queues at peak times effortlessly.

For the exhibitor lead generation at consumer events like the Dog Lover’s Show, the EventsPass LeadGen symmetrical sync architecture (that connects all devices at an event simultaneously), means visitors can register anywhere, anytime, then it is simple scan-and-go everywhere else which saves them time, and increases registrations for exhibitors and the organiser.

But don’t take our word for it:

…I’m pleased to say that EventsPass LeadGen generated a strong result with over 50% of the audience registering through our data capture points or on exhibitor stands.  For us, this meant we had a robust sample of visitors for our post-show reporting and that we built a strong database for future marketing efforts…

Jason Humphris
Founder & CEO, Event Management International

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