ABOUT EventsPass

WHAT we’re about

EventsPass is an award-winning event ticketing, registration and insights business created by organisers, for organisers.  At our core is a focus on delivering great event outcomes and Return-On-Investment for our Organisers and their stakeholders, which we achieve through the clever application of fantastic event technology.

EventsPass as a platform has been designed to benefit events of all shapes and sizes; from replacing pen-and-paper registration and data capture at the smallest boutique events, to delivering exponential increases in registration for major consumer exhibitions – ask us how we can help you.

Who We Are

EventsPass is run by a team of passionate individuals who are events people first and foremost.  Our platform surprises and delights our clients because we built it to be what we would have wanted, when we were organising events.  Yes, we’re great with the technology, but it’s understanding of organisers and our single-minded focus their needs that makes the difference.

Our ethos is to build great technology solutions that solve problems and create opportunities for our clients. Our roots are grounded in research and the craving to create outcomes that are driven by actual market needs. This is what drives us to develop continuously improving products and solutions for our customers.

More than just ticket sales and registration


We wanted to make it easier to capture more data of a better quality from your visitors and exhibitors, before and during your event.


We give organisers and exhibitors total control over their events and data. Data delivered in real-time makes tracking visitors and exhibitors simple.


We enable organisers to take their events omni-channel and open up sales and engagement opportunities on the web, mobile, and on-site.