Event Research that delivers outcomes.


We have delivered over 300 event research projects, creating valuable outcomes for our event organizer and exhibitor clients.

Our experience has helped us create and hone an event research solution for organisers

Exhibition and event planning research

The research that we do most often is around Exhibition and Event planning. We create in-depth surveys and use advanced statistical analysis to identify gaps in understanding, derive latent audience feedback, and run workshops to create SWOT analyses and derive action plans.

Customer Insight Research

Understand what your audience think about your event – identify gaps in expectations versus actual delivery. Run quantitative and qualitative research to unearth key drivers such as needs, behaviours, fears, goals and motivations that lead them to attend your event.

Conference Research

Understand what your delegates are looking for in relation to subject matter, experts and thought leadership to ensure that your next conference hits the bullseye for delegate satisfaction.

Some of our research techniques

Gap Analysis

Understand the difference between visitor or customer expectation vs service delivery

Determine key visitor and exhibitor drivers

Are your events hitting the mark or is there a gap?

Ranking of key factors

Pricing Analysis

Uses Conjoint Analysis to understand your customer’s value system

Van Westerndorp Pricing Analysis

Remove the guesswork from your pricing

Don’t leave money on the table, nor gouge your customers – the different in the mind of your visitors and exhibitors could make or break your even

Survey Design

We design surveys including Post-Event surveys for exhibitors and visitors

Over 300 plus projects completed for some of Australia’s leading event organisers

Our surveys are designed to deliver maximum response rates, completion rates and data accuracy using sophisticated branching and audience targeting techniques


Audience segmentation

Identify distinct actionable target audience groups

Clustering analysis to unearth relationships between audience that wouldn’t seem obvious but are extremely powerful in generating outcomes for your events

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