digital coupons
Highlight your event offers, competitions, and features. Drive traffic, create more value for vendors, and help your visitors enjoy their time more.

It may seem a bit cheeky to utilise our Digital Coupon Book capability to promote additional EventsPass capabilities, but we thought that is the point. We will also be able to highlight the further Digital Coupon Book capabilities as they come online.

digital coupon books
The EventsPass Digital Coupons are a value adding opt-in* tool available to all event producers. The coupons are delivered via SMS to registered visitors when they have checked-in to the event, promoting vendors, competitions, and show features.
* Where applicable depending on local legislative requirements.
EventsPass LeadGen

LeadGen is the powerful real-time lead and data collection tool for the vendors and sponsors of an event. With cloud sync, real-time reporting, automated visitor communications, and the capability to ask questions to find out the data your client’s need, LeadGen creates near endless value and mean your exhibitors can concentrate on connecting.

Promo Codes

The EventsPass Promo Code engine is a powerhouse of capability. Choose dollars off a basket, or a % discount, or just select certain tickets. Hide special tickets with Hidden Ticket Codes. Create unique codes for specific clients which allow you to see who your most active partners are, who you can invest more in, and who can provide more support.


Integrate with thousands of different CRMs, Email Delivery Services, or platforms that you are already utilizing. Remove the need to handle data, create workflow efficiencies, or automate your processes. Bring your events registrations data closer to your marketing activities – integrate with your analytics to gain richer, deeper insights.

Contact-less Tickets

EventsPass leads the market in its contact-less capabilities. All aspects of ticketing, registration, and lead-generation can occur without the need for Attendees, Vendors, or Event Staff to ever make physical contact with each other or their devices/equipment. Remove the risk of contamination and ensure your event runs year after year.

session Bookings

If you need to control your visitor numbers, have a special feature with a limited capacity, or a Sponsor wants to offer a limited product showcase, you need EventsPass Session Bookings. Create as many sessions as you wish, charge a fee or make them free, limit the availability – whatever your design is, EventsPass can make it happen.

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