EVENT Registration
Online, On-site, and Mobile registration.


Custom registration forms or survey questions for your event, with the ability to also register attendees on-site.

Online registration that is simple
Registration should be easy; easy to set-up, easy to complete, and easy to track, and with EventsPass it is. You can decide whether you want multi-ticket purchasers to register every ticket or just their own. You choose whether you want different customers to answer different questions, or even whether particular questions are shown or hidden based on the previous responses in your form. And with handy features like auto-population the customer experience couldn’t be easier.
Clever features that increase online registrations
Whether you’re running a Conference, a Trade Show, or a Consumer Expo, the more online registrations you make, the more data you have for marketing and the easier things are onsite at your event.

EventsPass realises this and with handy features that allow ticket purchasers to register multiple tickets at a time, copy tedious details like business addresses to save time, and even share unregistered tickets via email (with recipients forced to register to collect). We make sure you get as much of your data as possible as early as possible. We also have a unique Google Tracking capability that allows you to remarket to abandoned registrations with re-engagement offers.
Track your registrations in real-time & receive daily reports
Know more about your visitors via the registration dashboard. See who has registered, online Vs on-site registrations, who has attended, and who hasn’t turned up. Powerful search capabilities allow you to find individuals by name, email, ticket, or customer ID. Flexible reporting options allow for notification of each sale, and our daily reports detail the last 24 hours, 7-days, 30-days and cumulative sales numbers and earnings.
On-site registration for Consumer & Business events made easy
Not only does EventsPass deliver incredible flexibility and effectiveness online, but our system’s unique features for onsite registration enhance Visitor, Exhibitor/Sponsor and Organiser experiences. Consumer Expos can now register walk-up and anonymous visitors with ease, using our CheckIn application at entry or on-stand with Sponsors and Exhibitors using the LeadGen application. With EventsPass, every touchpoint is a registration opportunity. For Trade Shows and Conferences, registered visitors simply scan their ticket to print their badge at entry, while walk-up visitors can register and print their badges with no fuss thanks to CheckIn.
Leverage your registration data for sponsor and exhibitor lead generation
Enhance the ROI and reduce the churn of sponsors and exhibitors with EventsPass LeadGen – with unique custom question capabilities, LeadGen utilises the registration data you choose to share (not just contact information, but business, position, ZIP etc.) to build a list of qualified leads for each exhibitor or sponsor. They can even register anonymous users at their booth, sharing the data throughout the network of connected devices instantly.

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