EVENT Ticketing
Comprehensive event ticketing for every organiser form large exhibitions and conferences through to festivals, classes, seminars and charities.

Complete control over your event tickets

Create almost any kind of ticket for your event, with total control over sales time-frames, validity, pricing, access control, content, and design.

Flexible ticketing options
Every event is different, and every event’s ticketing needs are different. With EventsPass you can create any type of ticket you wish. Plus, you can: choose to set on-sale time limits; limit the maximum number of tickets per purchase ; manage ticket validity by date or number of visits; create different optional upgrades for different tickets; or even ask different registration questions. We can even help with on-site ticket sales.
Ticket pricing for all customer types
EventsPass can handle any number of pricing combinations for an event. Create promo codes, offer multi-purchase discounts, include taxes, exclude fees, offer discounts for loyal customers: however you want your tickets priced, you will have full clarity on what each ticket will earn your event.
Ticket options that add value
Does your event offer seminars, workshops, or merchandise? Are these free or paid-for? Or are they limited in number? Make management of sessions seats simple and increase your revenues by selling options and upgrades to your visitors at the point of purchase, rather than try to get your visitors to open their wallets again later.
Promo codes that drive sales & revenue
Our promo code engine is a powerhouse, offering unprecedented capabilities to drive your ticket sales. Our codes can be single- or multi-use, can discount a percentage or fixed dollar amount off a ticket or a basket, or can create complimentary tickets. Fuel the pre-event buzz with exclusive offers via hidden ticket capabilities and get the promotional benefits without losing revenue. And be sure to understand what is working tactically with the deep reporting capabilities of EventsPass.

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