Lead generation & exhibitor ROI
A revolution in on-site data capture to drive thousands of leads for organisers and exhibitors.

Amplify Onsite Data Capture

EventsPass LeadGen is a seamless on-site data-capture system that is fully integrated with EventsPass ticketing, driving more data to organisers, exhibitors, and sponsors

EventsPass LeadGen app
EventsPass LeadGen is a free app that Exhibitors and Sponsors can use to scan visitors and delegates, to capture leads and build databases at your events. With revenue share options, the ability to create custom qualifying questions, trigger email and SMS communications, and even to connect to a Sponsor's CRM, EventsPass LeadGen creates next level ROI for your stakeholders.
Traffic driving SMS options
If you want to get a visitor's attention at a Trade Show, Conference or Consumer Exhibition, SMS messages cut right through the clutter of push notifications, apps, and other standard communication options. With EventsPass, your exhibitors can send instant, timed, or targeted messages to drive traffic to their stand, instantly.
Pipeline refiller remarketing campaigns
After your event closes, your exhibitors and sponsors may want to remarket to the visitors they scanned to drive post-show activity, encourage supplementary purchases, or to refill their lead pipelines. With EventsPass they can access your visitor cohort for up to 12 months after the event to utilise via multiple digital channels.