Promotions & Marketing
Create a variety of promo codes to drive sales of tickets, and manage VIP or Special tickets.

Tools and features to help you sell more

Promotional codes, advanced pricing discounts and, soon, an integration with Facebook for sharing incentives and more, to help you get your event out there and attract more attendees.

Simple promotional pricing tools
EventsPass has a wide range of flexible pricing options you can use to drive additional ticket sales and optional upgrades. Create early bird pricing that automatically increases as you approach your event, or offer group discounts. Use the Ticket Options to upsell additional services, sessions, or merchandise to increase event revenues. Create bundles and different options pricing for different tickets – the flexibility is endless.
Clever promo codes that drive revenue
Different target audiences have different motivations and using the correct promo code can help with conversions. Know exactly who uses what code with our single-use code generator, designed for exhibitor databases or membership lists. Build special offers or early bird anticipation with multi-use codes limited by time or number of uses or more.
Re-marketing to abandoned registrants
You’ve done the hard work in getting the potential visitor to begin registering, but they abandon part of the way through. EventsPass has unique Google integrations that allows you to identify and remarket to this cohort, retargeting them with display ads with specific offers, or whatever your strategy to re-engage may be.

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