Sales Management
Instantly track your sales performance, registrations, option selections, and refunds in one place.

Everything you need, right at your fingertips

O-tix has real-time reporting on sales, earnings, registrations, promo code redemptions, and donations.

Access crucial information quickly from the dashboard
See which ticket is selling the best, and what promo code has the highest redemptions. Get daily sales reports emailed automatically. Know what is happening instantly, in real-time, and without any stress.
Manage Individual enquiries quickly and easily
Answer ticket enquiries swiftly – search by name, email, or ticket or transaction ID. Update a customer's details, resend their tickets or invoices, or even provide refunds with a single click.
Full visibility of attendance status
On show day, see who has attended and who hasn’t. EventsPass utilises unique and highly secure QR codes, which can only be read by our apps, so in real time you can watch the leads being captured by exhibitors, or see which visitor is the most active. Understand who your no-shows are and send reminder communications to drive attendance.

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