EventsPass Successfully Launches into the USA at The So NorthWest Women’s Show

Globally Innovative Events Technology Showcased to Acclaim in Tacoma, WA

Tacoma, WA: EventsPassTM, an events technology innovator with a global presence, announced the successful conclusion of their first event in the USA. Launching at the So NorthWest Women’s Show, held in Tacoma, WA on 02.29 to 03.01, the EventsPassTM technology was used for the first time by the show organizers and participating exhibitors with exceptionally strong results.

“We decided to use EventsPassTM because we’d never heard of a company like them. The fact that we can determine an ROI for us was really appealing,” said Mike Oboy, the manager of the So NorthWest Women’s Show, “I would say if you’re doing a Show you have to use EventsPassTM, it’s already paid off for us. We’ve already signed a 2-year extension and I know our Vendors are excited to be back with us because of EventsPassTM.”

EventsPassTM created a seamless link between show organizers, exhibitors, and visitors, allowing the swift and secure collection and exchange of data. As visitors no longer need to repeatedly write their information down, EventsPassTM helped the organizers collect 3x more data and exhibitors capture up to 8x more leads compared to traditional means.

Thanks to EventsPassTM, the results of the show were the best for years:

  • The Show Organizer had been looking for such a service for over three years
  • They received 3x more registrations than prior years
  • The Show Exhibitors generated thousands of leads
  • Several Exhibitors reported their best ever results, attributing this solely to utilizing LeadGen, EventsPassTM’s exhibitor lead capture app

The partnership between EventsPassTM and the So NorthWest Women’s Show was so successful that an agreement for a 2-year extension was signed before the event had closed. EventsPassTM CEO, Stewart Buchanan, said “We were excited to introduce EventsPassTM to the United States, and the So NorthWest Women’s Show was the ideal launch event. Mike and his team were fantastic to work with, and we are glad we will be extending the partnership into 2021 and 2022. The results we created at the show are an indication of the power of EventsPassTM, which we aim to bring to as many organizers as we can over the next 12 months.”

Author: Simon Christie

Published: 6 May 2020