EventsPass wow the Western Fairs Association with audience insights and intentions

A trove of eye-opening insights was provided, offering understanding on visitor intent, spend sentiment, and more, plus key data to support sponsor acquisition

Tacoma, WA: EventsPassTM, the global event technology company, wowed the Western Fair Association (WFA) last week by presenting unique and exciting research results on the audiences of two major fair members. EventsPassTM is a global event ticketing and data technology company, but its capabilities include engaging and transformative event and audience research and analytics.

At the commencement of the pandemic shutdown of the events sector across the USA, EventsPassTM recognized that Fairs at State and County level would be severely impacted. Through its membership of the WFA, EventsPassTM offered complimentary research services to the Fair organizers. The Fairs selected were Kitsap County Fair and California State Fair.

The EventsPassTM CEO, Stewart Buchanan, presented the results to members of the WFA, revealing many eye-opening insights, including:

  • There was no uniformity in visitor intent between the fairs, underlining the need for each organizer to run their own research.
  • Spend intention was linked to the intention to attend the Fair, indicating the at-fair spend will be strong.
  • Fair features that could expect spend contraction were also uncovered, which will help organizers budget their revenue and plan strategic investments.
  • Positive indicators for a strong rebound include mass events proving safe, a successful introduction of a vaccine, or risk mitigation initiatives such as hand sanitizer stations.
  • Fairs are viewed as important cultural events for their visitors, which would be greatly missed if they did not run.

Rick Pickering, the CEO of California State Fair, said of the research “Our experience with EventsPassTM was very positive, from initial design to asking for feedback and input. We shared the results with our board in draft format before we had even got a summary as we thought the raw data was so important for them to see. It made sense!

Stewart also provided the WFA membership with advice and tips for running their own surveys, including the offer to provide an EventsPassTM Visitor Sentiment Survey template, assistance with research on the economic impact a fair has in its community, as well as EventsPassTM’ innovative contactless ticketing and visitor registration services.

Sarah Cummings, the CEO of the WFA, said she was “Very excited to see the results. The information is so valuable, for service members and fair members alike.

EventsPassTM also provided valuable insights that would assist Fair sponsorship sales by understanding sponsor brand recall as well as consumer spend intention for brands associated with the Fair. The WFA members were advised that deeper data analysis could offer an understanding of the type of person who provides value for the sponsors, offering important insights for the valuable conversations with sponsors in the future.

The research has already proven very valuable for the Kitsap County Fair, helping to finalize a multi-year sponsorship worth more than $100,000 to the Fair. Randy Hatfield, the Fair Manager, stated “We went into this looking to get some guidance as we go into the future with the fair. This was a great tool to utilize when we started to negotiate with our major sponsors. They saw that we were thinking ahead by utilizing this research. Stewart [and EventsPassTM] was very helpful and thorough.

EventsPassTM is looking to assist other Fairs across the US with understanding their visitors history, and future sentiments, as well as to offer their market-leading ticketing and registration technology to help organizers run Covid-safe events now, and into the future.

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Author: Simon Christie

Published: 06 October 2020