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Complex promo codes and ticket offers for Online Retailer
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The Online Retailer Conference and Exhibition is a complex event, with multiple stakeholders requiring almost 50 ticket variations, which is no challenge for EventsPass.  However, the marketing requirements for the event demand is a much more complex arrangement, with many of the stakeholders entitled to bespoke discounts and promotional offers creating many thousands of different price points.

In this case there were single-use promo codes sent to databases, there were multi-buy discounts for visitors buying more than 2 tickets, there were promo codes that delivered a specific $ value off or a specific % off, and there were even “Hidden Ticket” promo codes for tickets that needed to be hidden from the public and only available for specific stakeholders.

Happily, EventsPass is designed to offer Organisers the ultimate in flexibility and convenience, with the ability to create virtually any type of promo code in seconds by yourself – which means you never miss a promotional opportunity.

Here’s what the organiser said:

In 2017 Online Retailer partnered with EventsPass as ticketing provider for our conference-led exhibition, specifically because of the platform’s simplicity and user-focused experience.

Stewart and his team spent countless hours helping to develop a platform and reporting that catered for all the various nuances of our event, including data-heavy registration, various pricing rules, promo codes and even on-site lead tracking. And while it’s true to say nothing is ever perfect first time around it was the service and attitude from the EventsPass team to get it right which really won us over.

Flyn Roberts
Exhibition Manager – Reed Exhibitions

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