The EventsPass Ecosystem

We want to be your indispensable marketing partner for your event. The features of EventsPass software have major benefits that save time, save money and save headaches!

At EventsPass we value teamwork, drive, accountability, trust, and customer-centricity. All of us have experience putting on events, and our early formation was all about making things easier for event professionals.

That’s why EventsPass has so many different types of features in our software. Our goal is to be an indispensable marketing partner for your event, which means features of EventsPass software have major benefits that save time, money and headaches!

Let’s dive in a little deeper and break down the ecosystem of EventsPass software.


Event Organizers

We understand that being an event organizer is no small feat. With a multitude of tasks constantly flooding your to-do list, it can be overwhelming to think about adding more to your plate. But here’s the good news – EventsPass is here to lighten your load. We offer an array of features including a wide range of ticket options, on-site support, badging, check-in app/scanning, powerful marketing tools, and customizable registration forms. There’s a dedicated portal where you can pull reports, make reg form changes, launch new ticketing types and more. The portal is tied to multiple payment systems to capture revenue and connected to our CheckIn app for quick and easy onsite entry. Digital badges are preferred by most clients, but our team also handles physical badging for all attendees or perhaps just VIPs.

You can boast about a better attendee journey from ticket buying to a lack of lines onsite. Our goal is to make your job easier and your event a resounding success.


The primary objective for exhibitors, or vendors, at an event is to boost sales and gather valuable leads. That’s why we’ve tailored our features to make life simpler and more productive for these important stakeholders in your event. With exhibitor-paid tickets, credential claiming, and our LeadGen scanning app, exhibitors have a role in the overall event success. The exhibitor portal is personalized to their experience and creates one place to link to your exhibitor kit or materials. 


When people attend an event, the focus is on exploring, learning, shopping, and having a great time. We want to ensure that experience is hassle-free, and that means technology that makes it easy. EventsPass features like easy purchase payments, efficient ticket verification, and convenient code-scanning enhance enjoyment and… guess what?… makes attendees willing to come again next time! Purchase and entry can be achieved via phone or computer for a hands-free process that prevents lines.

Let EventsPass be a trusted partner for a seamless, successful experience for not just you as an organizer but for your exhibitor vendors and attendees, too! We’re here to make your event journey smoother, more efficient, and ultimately more enjoyable creating one full and successful event ecosystem! 


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