Tools for Exhibitors That Can Ignite Ticket Sales

The foundation of a successful consumer show lies in the ability to attract a growing number of attendees. 

By maximizing existing networks with the right digital tools, organizers can turn exhibitors and other participants into marketing amplifiers.

Great potential exists for exhibitors to become brand ambassadors, utilizing their networks to attract attendees to an event. There are several ways to incentivize exhibitors to be a voice for the event and thus extend the impact of marketing dollars. We cover a few here; for more please download our ebook resource “Elevate Your Event Success”.

  • The first strategy is offering an incentive to the exhibiting entity/company to promote ticket sales. Benefits could include better placement on the show floor, enhanced signage or even a discounted booth price. One client offers floor stickers directing attendees to the booth of the exhibitor that has the biggest impact on ticket sales. 
  • Another strategy is to make it easy for exhibitors to purchase tickets for their customers, prospects, board members, or other VIPs. This can be achieved easily with the right ticketing and registration software. EventsPass has an Exhibitor Paid Tickets feature that processes transactions and allows for easy ticket sharing and assignments.
  • A third strategy is to simply make it easy for exhibitors to refer people to the event ticketing website by offering them shareable content. Create and publish customized promotional materials in multiple formats that exhibitors can share, such as social media posts and copy for emails that could be forwarded along. QR codes specific to each exhibitor or promo codes for ticket discounts should be included for tracking purposes. 


  • A final strategy is to provide digital lead generation apps to exhibitors in exchange for referral success. Collecting attendee data efficiently ensures exhibitors can access high-quality leads, which also fosters stronger loyalty. The right software is VITAL to this endeavor and must be chosen by the organizer.

Extending into exhibitor networks goes beyond immediate event goals; it’s about nurturing long-term partnerships that entice people to amplify the message. By providing exhibitors with tools and strategies to succeed, organizers demonstrate their commitment to exhibitor success. Be sure to think about these strategies that maximize marketing dollars when choosing a ticketing and registration partner.


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